In March, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Davis Goldman, PLLC Partner, Jason Goldman, was retained on behalf of a convention organizer under contract with a large hotel chain to hold a significant international convention in Miami in May 2020. While the hotel chain refused to return deposits citing an industry-standard 45-day “hospitality force majeure cancellation window”, relying on cases governing the enforceability of similar contracts Davis Goldman, PLLC successfully canceled the contract without penalty and the convention organizer received a full refund of its deposits. Goldman commented: “The key to litigating these agreements is understanding that as unprecedented as the COVID-19 crisis is in modern times, standard contract language and well-developed case law are sufficient to support cancellation of contracts when the essential purpose of the contract is frustrated or performance becomes impossible for reasons that neither party contemplated. We’re pleased we helped this client and I expect this area of law to be heavily litigated over the next year.”